We are actively seeking investors who would be interested in acquiring this technology and taking advantage of this extraordinary software development.

Please email Patrick Serex  if you would like to receive  an Executive Summary and/or Case Study and Business Plan.

Quick Facts


  • Turns Photo Sharing into a Profit Center by dramatically reducing Photo Sharing Servers’ operating Costs
    • Low Internet Bandwidth usage
    • Encourages creation of large Photo Albums (fast and convenient)
    • Increases demand for prints
    • Upload times 30x-50x faster than traditional services
    • Built in security: i.e.: no file/folder names are ever uploaded!
    • Perfectly suited for businesses based on large Photo Albums for Professionals, Events, Weddings, etc..
  • Web-based service Windows and Apple iOS compatible
  • Web-based Photo Sharing Service, built on a Decentralized Asset Architecture, reducing operational costs at least 30x compared to conventional photo sharing services.
  • Built in Intellectual property protection by having the  original high-resolution images remain stored on owner/publisher’s hardware and only selected photos are transferred to Print facilities or other Clients, when needed/requested.