About US

eXaPhoto Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation based in Dover, DE, and was established by president and CEO Patrick Serex.”

eXaPhoto has developed an innovative and cost-effective solution for online photo sharing based on a Decentralized Asset Architecture.  We are seeking partnerships with businesses that can leverage our solution.

eXaPhoto started operations with the goal of building the most cost effective photo sharing software available in the marketplace.  The design requirements required support for industry standards like SOAP Web Services, SQL database support, Mac, and PC clients. 

An intuitive, and easy to use web interface was also created.  A rich API was developed first to facilitate 3rd party integration and development.

The iOS eXaPhoto app (Apple App Store), beside creating albums on the go, enables viewing of Published albums thus providing easy access to very large photo collections (easily over 50’000) ..without clogging the memory of an iOS device.

Summer of 2005, early proof of concept testing began with a small group of clients.

Spring of 2006, eXaPhoto embarked on significant design improvements in anticipation of version 2.0.

February, 2009, eXaPhoto applied for patent protection with the USPTO.

Spring, 2009, eXaPhoto launched service with complete feature-set.

Summer, 2009, eXaPhoto Publisher for Mac OS X became available.

April, 2010,  eXaPhoto launched B-Viewer, a new concept in photosharing: turning the PC of one’s family and friends into a photo frame of BEST photos.

November, 2013 eXaPhoto Mobile Viewer launches on iTunes.

25 scaled images (60KB) in 30 seconds vs. 25 pictures (2MB) in 15 minutes at 512kbps.   Over 30 times faster uploads!
Increase print orders 3 fold!  More online photos means more online orders.
Exceptional convenience enables the technical person in the household to share an entire camera’s worth of images with the creative person.  Driving even more print orders.


Patrick Serex is founder, president and CEO of eXaPhoto Inc..

Board of Directors:

Patrick Serex, founder, president, and CEO of eXaPhoto.

In 1995, Mr. Serex founded FotoWire (later: Silverwire) in Switzerland, a company that invented “e-photofinishing” and provided automated printing infrastructure to independent photo labs. In 1999 he moved to California to establish FotoWire in the USA. Hewlett Packard acquired Silverwire in 2006.

In 1983, Mr. Serex founded Image-In, a pioneer in photo editing software, and served as CEO for 12 years. In 1994, Hyundai acquired the company.

Mr. Serex got his Electronics Engineering degree in 1974 from the Geneva Engineering College (EIG). Then he attended Business and Administration courses for two years and half at the University of Geneva.

Ms. Serex-Bonnet grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and architects. She has an active role and acquired great experience in her family business and family wealth management. She is a Psychopedagogist with a specialization in Psychoanalysis. She is also a painter and philanthropist, occasionally holding exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay area, where all proceeds benefited various children charity organizations.

Ms. Serex-Bonnet holds a Masters degree in Psychopedagogy from the University of Geneva